Project Venture Capital comes from the rich universe of the animated sci-fi action-comedy The Venture Bros., and the tradition of Jet Age, pulp sci-fi adventures from which it draws. This boardgame project tries to provide a super-science universe and system of interaction for players to take a team of 4 characters through pernicious peril and amazing adventure while battling each other as arch rivals. (For the time being, it will be crafted around the Venture Bros. universe and characters, but the system will be designed in such a way that the copyrighted content can be replaced and re-themed if and when necessary.)

            Project Cross-Flux intends to present a boardgame world where a wide spectrum of fantasy, modern, and sci-fi enemies or allies could cross a player's path, while their parties quest, level up, and battle across a range of scenarios and campaign modes.

            Project Turnover's goal is to design a boardgame putting players in the roles of lead organizers in various activist groups as they struggle to address the needs created by the continual crises of a capitalist society in decline, while simultaneously fighting (whether together or against each other) to overthrow the failing State and replace it with their organization's leadership.

            Project Genealogy's purpose is to design a boardgame that tells the unfolding drama between unscrupulous genealogical researchers in competing universities, lying, fudging records, and burning evidence to manipulate history and backstab their competitors in order to make their university (and their families?) the most prestigious around. 

            Project Action! is an attempt to create a boardgame allowing players to emulate the knockdown, drag-out fights that would be impossible outside the realm of cinema. Drawing thematic inspiration from action films of various stripes, as well as other gaming sources, Project Action! aims to replicate stunts and shockingly strong close combat of various styles for players' characters in a modular, streamlined manner.


            Project Host Master is a boardgame design effort that aims to let players enter a dark universe where the plethora of laboratories, mansions, hide-outs, and dungeons of mad scientists, eccentrics, and the power-thirsty gain some sentience of their own, bend the rules of space-time to join themselves, and turn against their evil creators. Players take control of these characters exploring this unsettling new mishmash landscape, trying to control the emotional and elemental forces responsible for it, while battling each other and the murderous denizens crafted by the mysterious controller of this meta hell-scape.