Project Scope - Casseroles Vancouver: Got a Thing on My Mind

Video: @JayEmBosch
Music: Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - "Got a Thing on My Mind" & The Carnival Band

            Vancouver began Casseroles demonstrations in solidarity with the Quebec student movement and against the Charter-violating, emergency anti-protest law Bill 78. This June, some participants at these Vancouver events had bones broken, rotator cuffs torn, and heads smashed into doors when they were assaulted and arrested by the VPD for such things as asking for police badge numbers or almost getting struck by a motorist trying to speed through a crosswalk.

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Project ReCon - 2010 G-20 Toronto Summit Protests

            The G8 and G20 summits in June saw world leaders zip up deals, pin down promises, and sign off on new agreements. And it turns out taxpayers paid dearly for the accessories: $100-a-piece pens for the leaders, and over $86,000 worth of lapel pins and zipper pulls. $1.9 million "fake lake" pavilion, and $14,000 for glow sticks. Gifts for leaders, their spouses and other high ranking officials were at least $103,000 and included canoe paddles, Hudson's Bay blankets, and crystal replicas of the CN Tower. Art was rented and insured for more than $30,000, while $12,131 was spent on tablecloths for the formal dinners, and $32,762 was spent on "foot powder and Gatorade" by the Department of National Defence. The Defence Department also spent $56,000 on personal hygiene items. Officials with the Department of Foreign Affairs acknowledged that the cost of entertaining world leaders is expensive, especially because items like signs and banners, including $1,438 to set up and remove them, can't be reused after every event. But they said the furniture used for the summits has been placed in storage and will be dragged back out the next time there is an opportunity.

William Blair told a House of Commons committee Thursday that he budgeted $124.8 million to keep Toronto streets safe during the June summit.

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