Project Bullhorn is agitprop. These sometimes local, sometimes global texts aim for nothing but documentation, dissemination, and the bluntest, most repetitive rhetorical force.

            Project WAMEDAC (We All Make Everything Dynamically And Collaboratively) is a collection of articles on meaning, communication, discourse, and cognition, with an eye on the social bend of all of these.

            Project ReCon is an endeavour to create re-contextualized narratives and expressions, essentially remixed texts. From a source list of articles or other writings intended to convey a particular image or reading of events, phrases, sentences, and/or words are cut, to be rearranged into an alternative reading. Project ReCon texts can stretch anywhere from a "mash-up" of different articles on the same topic that doesn't radically reinterpret much, to a level of re-authorship and change in expression like that of found poetry. This obviously introduces new biases to the texts through the selective process of editing and some level of re-composing, however the original sources are provided.