Project WAMEDAC - Meaning is a Community Project, and We Live in a Massive Community Center

            Beginnings are always awkward. When something's just starting, there's little-to-no existing structure to analyze first, to use in order to find which way to approach. There's not enough information to understand the rules governing not only the process you're beginning, but also what makes an individual step in that process successful or not. One of the many reasons the first step of a journey can be difficult is because you can't see the path on the other side of the threshold you have to pass in order to start the journey. You have to make the first step with a strange gait, careful manipulation of your center of gravity, lest you get that brief, but heart-stuttering sense of falling before even really beginning, because of a curb being just a bit higher than you expected.

            I think and talk too much about the how people think and talk, though I have the bare minimum in formal training in the area. Trying to write about these interwoven topics led me to see that that is the same thing too. This realization can be reproduced with any process or work one could call an expression.

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