Action! - Diary #0: Combat between Impossibly Strong and Stylish Cinematic Characters

This is the beginning of the Design Diary following my progress on the Project Action! boardgame.

Working Title:

Action!: The Movie Combat Game

What I Want in One Sentence:

Intense, knockdown, drag-out fights between impossibly strong and stylish cinematic characters.

Goals for Player Experience:

Reasonable amount of tactical planning and strategy, without excessive downtime. Commitment to actions with some amount of possible branching to different actions to adapt to changing circumstances. Exciting game moments of insane actions succeeding and failures being spectacular. Players doing poorly aren't punished, but are given a steady chance to bounce back.

Goals for Gameplay Design:

Somewhat preprogrammed actions, but not fully; more of a simulation of momentum in a fight. Explorable and/or destroyable environment. Diversity in character positioning to allow for flourishes and stunts. Scoring system that accounts for more than damage inflicted, but also things like style. Alternate rules for play without map/character markers/movement. Scoring system carries over to new character if a player's character dies to keep the action up and remove player elimination.

Thematic Inspirations:

Cinematic fights, High Noon Saloon, En Garde, Kung Fu Fighting, Brewhouse Bash,

Check the collection of reference images for Project Action! to see some of the material from which I'm drawing.