Turnover - Diary #0: Individual Struggles in Inter-Personal Politics, Organizing, Mutual Aid, and Overthrowing The State

This is the beginning of the Design Diary following my progress on the Project Turnover boardgame.

Working Title:

Smash the State: A Revolutionary Boardgame

What I Want in One Sentence:

Individual struggles for success and recognition, amidst the complications of inter-personal politics, organizing, mutual aid, and overthrowing the state.

Goals for Player Experience:

Players may decide whether to address people's needs, to teardown the existing order, and/or to build up their personality cult while ignoring or managing how the media portrays their organization. Players should feel an odd mix of competitive/cooperative impulses, as whether they should work together or not is situational, enabling plenty of emergent and temporary alliances. 

Goals for Gameplay Design:

Worker placement; workers are primary resource. Committees for different types of actions, on a player board. Crisis cards set context for each round of turns. Mixed cooperative/competitive goals amongst players. Short-term and long-term betting. Game-controlled agent (The State) plays similar to an additional, asymmetrical player.

Thematic Inspirations:

Social activism and organizing in general, Revolution!: The Game of Social Upheaval,  Ground Floor, Shadows over Camelot, Get the Scoop!/The Greenway, Revolution! 

Check the collection of reference images for Project Turnover to see some of the material from which I'm drawing.