Genealogy - Diary #0: Bitter Rivals Twisting History for University Prestige

This is the beginning of the Design Diary following my progress on the Project Genealogy boardgame.

Working Title:

Congenial Genealogies

What I Want in One Sentence:

Bitter rivals in varying universities' genealogy departments twisting history with radical fervency to make their school the most prestigious.

Goals for Player Experience:

Unfolding narratives of seemingly inconsequential, but intensely dramatic departmental rivalries. A series of cascading effects from individual decisions that alter the past to effect the present. Make a fictitious university rivalry both the most absurd and most important thing in the world.

Goals for Gameplay Design:

Action programming; delayed results. Three main phases: Research, then "Edit," then Publish. Not too much accounting, but compounded or exponential effects to certain actions. Careful not to make scoring cause a runaway leader scenario.

Thematic Inspirations:

Gloom, High Society, Right of SuccessionLegacy: The Testament of Duke De Crecy 

Check the collection of reference images for Project Genealogy to see some of the material from which I'm drawing.