Host Master - Diary #0: Hunt and be Prey, Struggle for Control of Your Environment

This is the beginning of the Design Diary following my progress on the Project Host Master boardgame.

Working Title:

Hosts & Horrors

What I Want in One Sentence:

A mix of hunting prey and being hunted by predators, while both crafting your environment and surviving the environment crafted for you.

Goals for Player Experience:

Players struggle to continue their hunting and trapping of innocent victims while their very environment turns on them. A significant twist on the narratives of standard dungeons railing games. Building and fighting against the map and its denizens.

Goals for Gameplay Design:

Slightly (or not at all) varying playable characters. Map building/revealing and trap laying. Focus on avoiding direct conflict, at least when you're not well equipped. Big enemies and weapons are the eponymous Horrors. An emotional or other non-physical stat/resource system. Point-to-point movement? Differing paths to victory: slaying horrors as trophies, capturing victims, killing victims, hoarding stats/resources, etc.

Thematic Inspirations:

Ghost Master PC game, the Deception videogame series, Mansions of Madness, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Phantom

Check the collection of reference images for Project Host Master to see some of the material from which I'm drawing.