Venture Capital - Diary #0: Super Science, Espionage, Formalized Arching, and Failure

This is the beginning of the Design Diary following my progress on the Project Venture Capital boardgame.

Working Title:

The Venture Bros.: Adventures in Super Science!

What I Want in One Sentence:

Pressing peril and incredible stakes in a cat-and-mouse game of super science, espionage, formalized arching, and failure.

Goals for Player Experience:

A varied and strongly thematic boardgame world where players can build their own haphazard journeys for their team of characters, or try to recreate their favorites. A series of options always available to a player on their turn, though not enough to cause "analysis paralysis." The chance to unfold dastardly plots and gripping conflicts where beloved characters could succeed or perish.

Goals for Gameplay Design:

Card-based actions. Locales, vehicles, equipment, installations. Henches, allies, antagonists, and protagonists. Adventures/quests and exploring. Combat, taking characters hostage, sneaking. Intelligence and research. Player board.

Thematic Inspirations:

The Venture Bros., City of Remnants 

Check the collection of reference images for Project Host Venture Capital to see some of the material from which I'm drawing.